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50 Examples of DIFFICULT RIDDLES (And their Solution)

Recreational moments bring family and friends together, at that time there is nothing more fun than difficult riddles. To do this, you must have the inspiration of 50 examples of difficult riddles to make it an extraordinary moment.

Using the riddles as a game helps make them perfect entertainment on any occasion or opportunity. That is, they represent an offer to measure the imagination of all attendees, as it becomes more complicated it becomes more competitive.

50 examples of difficult riddles

The questions behind the difficult riddles cause most concentrate on finding a solution to win. Therefore, you can use the following riddles that fit the most popular themes, to promote funny moments and tension to answer.

  1. What is the element that enters and leaves liquid inside? The syringe.
  2. How do you tell a dog with a fever? Hot dog.
  3. What can a skinny cow offer? Pity.
  4. What can a rat do with a machine gun? Ratatatatata.
  5. What is the most selfish toy? Yo-yo.
  6. What does a traffic light express to another who is seeing it? Don’t look at me, I’ll turn red.
  7. What is the living being that can drink water with its feet? The trees.
  8. What is? She goes by land and does not get dirty. The shadow.
  9. It is long and solid, used by both men and women to fight. What is it? The rifle.
  10. They are huge balls, they hang, they are fat and have hair. What are they? The coconuts.
  11. If you place it in your hand you have plenty, it is solid, healthy and also hairy. What is it? A cat.
  12. Every grandfather has an object that hangs, it has no hair and it comes out from the front. What is it? The pocket watch.
  13. It’s very soft on the inside, furry on the outside, with some effort you can get it inside. What is it? Socks.

Difficult riddles with short answers

The dynamics of the puzzles is maintained when follows a very short mysteryso the agility you must demonstrate applies to the following very difficult riddles:

  1. There are twelve ladies, they have stockings and they don’t wear shoes. Who are they? The hours of the clock.
  2. If you allow them to pass, it is useless, but when you sell them only the weights, what is it? Grapes.
  3. Everyone asks about me, but I don’t go out or ask about others. What is it? some street.
  4. I went there to look for it but I didn’t bring it. What is it? One Way.
  5. It is able to whistle without lips, it runs and has no feet, and it can hit you in the back without being seen. What is it? The breeze.
  6. Where are the rivers without water, a city without houses, and forests without plants? A map.
  7. What is between the beach and the sea? The letter Y.
  8. You can stop with one hand and pay it with the other. What is it? The taxi.
  9. I was born without a father, but when my mother dies she is reborn. What is it? The snow melting.
  10. What issues orders and receives them, allows some and rejects others? Brain.
  11. He may be smaller than others, but he gets up more than anyone when he is motivated and happy. What is it? The thumb finger.
  12. It has a square as a container, a round base and a triangular portion. What is it? Pizza.
  13. Aim through the tip, presses with the butt and the crack is covered with what hangs What is it? The needle and thread for sewing.
  14. It is white like salt, it does not open but it does not close either. What is it? Shell of an egg.
  15. Once you name it, it disappears. What is it? The silence.
  16. Two people travel through a car, one is a minor and is the son of the eldest, but he is not his father. Who is he? The mom.

Difficult math riddles

Complications can rise, when mathematics is included in the riddles, because it forces the participants to calculate. So, the way to test the skills are the following riddles with answers;

  1. What is the position in which a runner who overtakes the second one who has classified stops? In second position.
  2. How many times can 1 be subtracted from the amount “1,111”? Just one.
  3. If I have 40 pigs, 20 horses and 10 guinea pigs, and I name the horses pigs, how many pigs would I have? 20 horses.
  4. What is the day of the year when talkers talk the least? The day the time is advanced.
  5. If you drive a bus in which 18 people travel, and at the first stop 5 get off to get on 13. While, at the second stop 21 people get off and only 4 get on, what color does the driver’s eyes have? The color of your eyes.
  6. How can someone jump from a 50-story building survive? Falling from the first floor.
  7. As heaven and earth move away as you approach, calculate the distance with you, between heaven and earth. What is it? The horizon.
  8. No matter how many minutes they run, they never come first. What is it? The seconds.
  9. Four nines allow to give 100 as a result. How? In the form 99+9/9=100.
  10. How can this operation “11+3=2” be correct? When it comes to hours.
  11. Add 20 to one to get 19. How? In roman numerals.

50 difficult riddles

Difficult riddles to train thinking

When it comes to playing and empowering your mind, difficult riddles that challenge logic they can help. For this reason, it becomes a great resource to increase concentration with these alternatives:

  1. What is bigger the more you take away? The hole.
  2. What do you do at night that you can’t do during the day? stay up late
  3. They are always in the soup, but they are never eaten. What are they? The plate and the spoon.
  4. It doesn’t bark, it doesn’t have teeth and it protects the house. What is it? The key.
  5. It is as long as a crossbar, it has no legs or hands but it runs lightly. What is it? The train.
  6. A huge painting that is not there during the day and is installed at night. What is it? The star.
  7. It is not bigger than a walnut, but it climbs the mountain without having feet. What is it? The snail.
  8. What bird has a flat belly? the hazelnut
  9. It is long and immense like a road, but it growls like a pig. What is it? The river.
  10. What can enter the river and not get wet? The rays of the sun.

The diversity of 50 examples of difficult riddles, open your mind to create more questions at the height of the occasion. In other words, there are more ways to continue designing riddles that cast doubt on others.