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40 Examples of incentive trips

There are many strategies used by companies and various organizations, public and private, that seek to motivate and reward their workers and/or professionals. For this reason, the great diversity of incentive trip exampleswhich reward not only performance, ethics and productivity, but also employee loyalty.

Incentive trips offer moments of enjoyment and relaxation for employeesThey can be individual, group or family. These are awards made by the company to reward the trajectory and efficiency of its staff.

The examples of incentive, in short, are prizes for employees with a ticket, transportation and safe destinationeither. The trips are organized by “HR” or by the “Department of Labor Welfare”, although there are many cases where the “Presidency” also plans them.

  • Can you imagine spending a weekend at the beach with your work group?
  • Would you like to go to the mountains for a week with your partner?
  • Do you want to share a trip with your relatives?

If you are an exemplary employee and work in a company where its staff is paramount. You will be able to answer the previous questions, because incentive trips they are the first choice of companies when it comes to recognizing the efforts of their workers.

40 examples of incentive trips

There are many examples of incentive trips organized by companies for their workers. Most are carried out in a short time and over reduced distances, but they always respond to:

  1. What is the correct destination?
  2. What are the activities that can be carried out?
  3. How will the transfer of the employee and/or beneficiaries be?
  4. Where will the employee and/or beneficiaries stay?
  5. What planning will be followed during the trip?
  6. What expenses will be covered? What is the budget to be considered?

No matter what the incentive trip is, they are all planned the same way. And its main purpose is to strengthen the business culture, and fortify the mission and vision of the corporation in its workers. The employee must identify himself with his company.

Some examples of incentive trips are:

Cultural visits

Cultural visits are planned trips so that employees and/or beneficiaries can visit museums, go to archaeological parks, visit gastronomic places. Ecotourism trips to protected areas and visits to historical sites are also included.

The companies use tour guides specialized in the region and the theme of the visit (gastronomic, historical…). Cultural visits enrich tourists, because they help to know the principles, values, monuments and places of interest for a city, town or country. They are promoters and transmitters of customs.

Examples of cultural visits:

  • Tour of the Mosque of Cordoba recognized as a World Heritage Site by Unesco.
  • Walk through the Alhambra in Granada.
  • Visit to the Sagrada Familia in Barcelona.
  • Tour of the Plaza de España in Seville.
  • Visit to the City of Arts and Sciences in Valencia.

A cultural tour guide, plan activities that are satisfying for visitors and will include an itinerary based on a cultural route.

landscape tourism

Tourist trips are to visit beaches, mountains, lakes and deserts. Ideal for workers, because everyone wants a weekend or a holiday of total relaxation. Where the company will guarantee great activities, transportation, food and lodging.

Examples of landscape tourism:

  • A weekend in the Canary Islands.
  • Guided trip to the Sierra de las Nieves National Park.
  • Visit to the Arribes del Duero.
  • Tour of the Five Villas.

adrenaline trips

Companies that want their staff to have fun, experience new experiences, share with their team and take on challenges, plan adrenaline trips. Adrenaline trips have extreme sports and take place in spectacular areas.

adrenaline trips

Examples of adrenaline trips:

  • bungee jumping in the Cofío River in Madrid.
  • rafting in the Segura River of Murcia.
  • Sport climbing in Asturias.
  • Skydiving in Jerez, Valencia or Barcelona.

A landscape trip will be the result of a work of excellence.

rural tourism

Rural tourism connects people with nature, the simplicity of life and with his inner self. The accommodations are in the midst of extraordinary landscapes, in the countryside far from the city. Excellent for recharging batteries.

rural tourism

Examples of rural tourism trips:

  • The Pool of the Sierra de Francia.
  • The Villa of Alquézar in Huesca.
  • Tejeda in Gran Canaria.
  • La Aracena in the Serranía de Huelva.

Rural tourism trips are perfect for motivating staff to continue growing in the company.

What are the benefits of incentive trips?

The different examples of incentive trips They offer a wide variety of benefits for the worker and the company. Here you will understand each of the advantages they generate for workers and companies.

Benefits for the worker:

Various benefits offered by the examples of incentive trips for the worker are:

  1. They get recreational and enriching experiences that will motivate you to keep working and be the best in your position.
  2. He acquires a different vision of life, of his role as a person, citizen and worker.
  3. Develop a sense of identity with your company and work team.
  4. Reduces the level of stress and enhances their performance in the execution of their functions.

Benefits of incentive trips

Benefits for the company:

Various benefits offered by examples of incentive trips for companies are:

  1. Retention of workers and high-level professionals.
  2. Promotion of the mission, vision and objectives of the company in its personnel.
  3. Increase in business production.
  4. Strengthening of the corporate image.

Importance of incentive travel examples

The importance of examples of incentive trips lies in the fact that they foster teamwork and individual excellence in each of the beneficiaries. These are prizes that have a positive effect on the productivity of any company.